Equity Release Schemes


Equity means the total value of your asset after you have paid any charges or mortgage on the same. There might be a case when you wish to stay in your house, but require some funds for any reason. In this case, you can research into an equity release proposal to enable yourself to obtain tax free funds. There are some fixed criteria for initiating these schemes. There is a certain threshold age of 55 at which you can choose to get equity release and the person needs to have their own residence which they must live in.

You can get a one time amount or fix regular withdrawals in order to obtain any money. You can stay at home and will have to maintain the property to a reasonable standard. The lender does reserve the right to inspect the property at a later date. You can understand equity release as a way to take tax free cash using your home or property as security. There are some industry terms associated with the advantages of equity release schemes .

There are many choices available other than a mortgage and you can take a final decision according to your requirements after discussing with your family & seeking the services of an independent equity release advisory service such as CompareEquityRelease.com.

The people who have retired from their jobs and plan to make improvements to their home, or to pay off their mortgages then equity release schemes would be an appreciable selection.

In addition to lifetime mortgage schemes are home reversion plans which also associated with the equity release market. With a home reversion you can allow an individual or company to buy property as a percentage or proportion, or in whole if necessary. You will no longer completely own the property, but have the right to remain in home with the security of a lifetime tenancy. With a home reversion, you won’t receive 100% of the amount sold because the other party will be unable to get cash on their investment till your death, which has no defined date.

Equity release schemes are taken by many people as a lump sum, with very few requiring an income. maybe because of the constraints involved with being told what your income is for the rest of your life. It is not an easy procedure and hence, you should take assistance of an expert financial advisor to get the best deal.

The scheme suitable for one person might not be right for the other person. Hence, it is necessary to get the processes handled with care and check the finest details of every clause included in the equity release scheme. You need to protect your property and make correct use of your house or other property in the appropriate manner. There are many sources for getting equity release schemes and you can browse on web to find out the most suitable choice for your needs. Take your time, there is no rush. Retirement is a leisurely pursuit.